The INTERIOR ~ Kelly Wearstler

Kelly Wearstler is my biggest interior design icon. For those of you who have never heard of her, she's  a distinguished interior designer and tastemaker best known for her enchanting take on interiors and the luxury lifestyle (more). The centerfold model turned interior designer has placed her undeniable style on the swankiest hotels and homes from L.A. to Anguilla. I can't tell you how much i'm loving her projects. Here some of her works, a creative process about experimentation, taking risks and having a free spirit. She says "I approach each project with the intent to make it beautiful and give it soul. I have trays for each project where I gather vibe inspiration like materials from my library, new elements of beauty – anything that catches my eye. Each tray represents a space in a project. They are constantly evolving and keep me organized. The trays become little collections of each project". There’s nothing subtle about Kelly’s designs. You either love it or not. They’re bright. They’re bold. They’re daring. They’re not to be ignored. I admire them and find them to be works of arts and inspiring, especially when combined with antique elements.

Kelly's studio

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