Coco Rocha has opened up her two-bedroom Gramercy Park, Manhattan apartment for this shoot with Vogue. She bought it three years ago and shares with her husband James Conran. On her walls are teapots she collects from "from all the different places I have been to for photo shoots — from Morocco to Michigan”.
There's a photo of Rocha, who explains it was a wedding present from Steven Meisel — "I’ve never liked hanging my model photos in my home, but this is an exception because it almost looks like a painting”. On a table, a handbag piggy bank, which Rocha says is one of her favorite things: “I love how at first glance it looks like a YSL bag, but when you take a closer look you realize it actually reads, 'yove saved la rent' It’s genius!”. Then some of Coco photos that I like the most.

Coco Rocha by Steven Meisel
Coco Rocha by Chris Nicholls, Flare, April 2010
Coco Rocha for Les Echos by Jean Paul Gaultier
Coco Rocha, Vogue Mexico, September 2010

Image source: Vogue

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